Adding An Additional Disk To RAID

Plug in the new drive, access the Array Manager Console and you can see the disk details in there.

Right click the virtual disk to which we want to add the new disk and selected 'Add Member'. Once added, we need to 'Initialize' the virtual disk.

Let me inform you that adding a member and initializing a disk takes a lot of time.

Once the disk is initialized, it shows in 'Disk Management' as un-allocated space. The next thing to do is to extend the volume. A simple set of steps extended the volume.

The following has to be done to add the entire space to RAID:

Open the command prompt

type 'Diskpart'

type 'list volume' - This will list out the volumes on the server (note the number of the volume you wish to extend)

type 'select volume X' - X is the number of the volume you wish to extend.

type 'extend' - this will extend the volume with the new un-allocated space.

We want the total un-allocated space to be used thus the simple 'extend' command is issued. If required, you can select the size you wish to add.