Block Streaming Media Embedded On A Web Page Using Sonicwall

Streaming Media includes videos and audio files which are embedded in a webpage. If the media is being accessed from a different server, you can block access to that server which will automatically block access to the media being accessed. However at times you may want to provide access to the the website but restrict access to the streaming media. This is where the application firewall from Sonicwall comes handy.

Here is a simple way to block access to streaming media using Sonicwall Application Firewall module.


Click Application Firewall and select Application Object

Click Add New Object. A new Window pops out. Enter the Object Name

In Application Object Type 'HTTP URI CONTENT', Match Type 'SUFFIX MATCH', Input Representation 'Alphanumeric'

In content box type '.flv' and then click 'ADD'. 

Keep adding all possible known extensions of media files and click OK


Click Policies and then 'Add New Policy'. 

Give the policy a name, policy type 'HTTP CLIENT', match the address and service as per your requirement. 

Add an exclusion if any. 

In the Application Object drop down select the Object you just created.

Set the action to Reset/Drop and directions to BOTH.