How to increase disk size using logical volume manager

Okay, so you added extra space on a VM or a new disk on the physical server, follow the steps below to increase the logical volume without reboot.

check the disk and current volumes

fdisk -l

Run fdisk on the disk (in this case it was sda)

fdisk /dev/sda

Check free unpartitioned space


print the partition table


create a new partition


select primary partition


select the partition number(in this case it was 3)


write changes to the partition table (ignore errors if any)


run partx to view the disk partition without rebooting if the fdisk command above throws a message that the new partition table will be available after reboot

partx -v -a /dev/sda

create a physical volume using /dev/sda3

pvcreate /dev/sda3

display volume group information (check for Free PE / Size)


Extend the Volume Group (in this case vg0)

vgextend vg0 /dev/sda3

display volume group information again (check for Free PE / Size)


*note the - Free  PE / Size  

Run lvdisplay to list all logical volumes and then run it again with the volume you wish to extend

lvdisplay /dev/vg0/root

* Note the - Current LE

Resize the Logical Volume

lvresize -l 438 /dev/vg0/root

*The number is Free PE Current LE


lvresize --size [plus]10GB /Dev/vg0/root

(replace 10GB with the amount of space you want to increase)

Run the df command

df -h

Resize the partition

resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg0-root

Run df again

df -h

The disk space on the volume has increased.