How to install OpenPanel on Ubuntu 12.4

OpenPanel is a free open source control panel. It has lots of functionality, an attractive interface and is very user friendly.

OpenPanel is a platform for developers. Because it is extremely open and modular it can be utilized to control any process on a Linux server.

This is according to their site

I am in process of trying various open source web hosting control panel and OpenPanel is the first on the list.


Here's how you install OpenPanel on an Ubuntu 12.4. the same method can be used to install it on other distros however, they have not been tested


Change yourself to the root user:

sudo su


install vim-nox

apt-get install vim-nox


Edit the /etc/apt/sources.list and add the following line

deb precise main

deb-src precise main


Get the Keys from Ubuntu

apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 4EAC69B9

Update the sources

apt-get update


Before you proceed with the installation of OpenPanel, you need to install the following packages

apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork

apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5

apt-get install openpanel-mod-apache2

apt-get install openpanel-mod-apacheforward

apt-get install openpanel-mod-ftp


NOTE: libmysqlclient16 IS REQUIRED for openpanel-mod-mysql but its not available on 12.4

You can download the libmysqlclient16 package here:

32 Bit

64 Bit


Install the downloaded libmysqlclient16

dpkg -i libmysqlclient16

Now install openpanel-mod-mysql

apt-get install openpanel-mod-mysql


Finally install the OpenPanel package

aptitude install openpanel-suggested


Once the installation has completed, you will have to set the admin password.

Open the CLI using the command openpanel-cli


Set the password using the command password user openpanel-admin

OpenPanel can be managed from the web GUI via HTTPS on port 4089

In this example: