How to setup custom menus under the admin menu in Alfresco share

I have an Alfresco share 4.0.d on Ubuntu. All worked well until I configured LDAP and added a few 3rd party modules.

After a server reboot, the banner from all the sites disappeared.

I was unable to customize the dashlets on the dashboard page. Surprisingly this did not affect any sites created by the local admin user.

I could manually write the URL and was able to customize the dashboard. 

Example: for SiteA, I could write http://Alfresco_Server/share/page/site/SiteA/customise-site-dashboard and make changes to the dashlets.

Thus giving me the idea to create a custom link on the Admin Panel.

Here's what I did:

1] Navigate to the following folder:

cd /opt/alfresco40d/tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/

2] Edit the share-config.xml file

sudo vi share-config.xml

3] Add the highlighted line

<container-group id="tools" permission="admin">

<item type="link" id="Dashboard" label="Customize Dashboard" description="Customize dashboard">/site/{site}/customise-site-dashboard</item>

<item type="link" id="application">/console/admin-console/application</item>

<item type="link" id="groups">/console/admin-console/groups</item>

<item type="link" id="replication-jobs" condition="!conditionEditionTeam">/console/admin-console/replication-jobs</item>

<item type="link" id="repository">/console/admin-console/repository</item>

<item type="link" id="trashcan">/console/admin-console/trashcan</item>

<item type="link" id="users">/console/admin-console/users</item>

<item type="link" id="more">/console/admin-console/</item>


Save the file and bounce the Tomcat service and the menu appears under the admin menu.