How to Setup Windows AD authentication on Alfresco Share

Setting up AD authentication on Alfresco is pretty trivial. Here are the steps:

Navigate to tomcat/shared/classes on the Alfresco root folder

cd tomcat/shared/classes

You should see the file make a copy of this file

sudo cp

now lets edit the file, open the vi editor

sudo vi

Add the following lines at the very end




synchronization.import.cron=0 0 * * * ?


Replace the with your domain name

Replace the ldap=:// with the IP address of your LDAP server

Replace the principal=serviceacount@domainname with the account that will synchronize the ldap accounts

Replace the password with the LDAP service account password

Replace the groupSearchBase=dc\... with your domain

Replace the userSearchBase=dc\.. with your domain

save the file and go to the Alfresco root folder

cd /opt/alfresco-4.0.d

Reboot the Alfresco server

sudo ./ restart

Once the server has started, check the logs and you should see the user accounts being synchronized

tail -f alfresco.log

Test if the LDAP authentication works by using the command:

ldapsearch -h -D -W -x

Now you can login using your Windows AD credentials