How to use dual monitors with RDP

Setting up dual monitors for RDP is a very simple tasks and requires 2 configuration. 


Here's how to accomplish that:

Open up the properties of the RDP application by clicking 'options'

Under the Display tab, enable 'Use all my monitors for the remote session'

Now click Save on the general tab and save it in a safe location

(we will not be using this shortcut to connect. I prefer saving it in the %systemroot% folder with a relevant connection name)

Now on your Desktop, right click and select 'New' then select 'Shortcut'

Enter the 'Type the location of the item' as displayed in the image

Hit Next, provide a name and hit Finish

Your RDP session will now span multiple screens.


P.S: You can also use the 'mstsc /multimon' to use multiple monitors.