Shortcut to quickly switch between open applications in Windows 7

We all know of ALT-TAB key combination to move between multiple applications. When you press the ALT button and start hitting the TAB button a small popup displays all open applications and where you let go of the ALT button, that application at that location gets active. This being a nice way to move between application can be a pain if you have lot of open applications.

There is this cool shortcut in Windows 7 (not tested on older versions) to immediately move to the desired application. Use the WINDOWS button and the number keys (not the number pad) to move between applications

This works in sequence, the first application is the one closest to the START button and the last application is the farthest.

So if you wish to move to the 7th application, simply hit the WINDOWS and 7 key. 

Here are a few other shortcuts on Windows 7

Windows key & E

Opens Windows Explorer

Windows key & R

Opens the Run Dialogue

Windows key & P

Switches between display modes

Windows key & D

Shows the Desktop

Windows key & F

Opens the Search window

Windows key & L

Locks the computer

Windows key & M

Minimize all windows